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Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Unlock the Potential of Social Learning in Your SumTotal LMS

Unlock the Potential of Social Learning in Your SumTotal LMS

Your people seek to improve their skills and grow in their careers, and they do it best in a social collaborative setting, where they can learn from each other.Seventy-six percent of employees are looking for career growth opportunities and 87% of millennials claim that professional development and career growth are very important. 
               "What we learn with pleasure we never forget."
                                                                  -Alfred Mercier
When your people find it hard to communicate and collaborate, they feel pressured not knowing where to find the answers or resources they need. They lose momentum. 
Weak communication can lead to a drop in the levels of engagement and retention. Eighty-six percent of employees and executives cite lack of collaboration or ineffective communication for workplace failures. 
While most learning takes place in experience, much happens through social learning – but formal methods have the least impact on learning. Helping your people communicate, collaborate and learn on the job can unlock hidden learning opportunities. 

Tapping SumTotal Social for a Training Advantage  

In SumTotal 18.2, we have a wholly re-engineered social platform – one that can help your organization adapt to social learning now.  
Social learning is the process of learning from interactions or conversations with peers, leaders, social media channels and communities. Blogs, wikis, online forums, and social media have become centers of learning where your people go to get what they need when they need it most.  
Integrating social learning tools with your learning systems can help you maximize your training efficiency. It helps your learners connect with peers and leaders, draws in knowledge that improves performance, and sustains learning across your teams.  
Allowing users to comment on threads and poll users, it gives you options to set up and designate these features to all users or to a specific group of users. This brings all your users together and helps you learn their needs.  

BYOD for Greater Learning Flexibility 

SumTotal LMS supports the Bring Your Own Device approach, which can improve learner engagement as they tap into their own devices to accomplish learning. When your people learn using the devices they are comfortable with, they can learn at a faster pace without the hurdles of learning a new system. It creates efficiencies and allows you to realign your device budgets towards content for your learners 

Networking for Collaborative Learning 

Initiating learning through informal styles like behavior modeling, browsing social media channels and peer-to-peer and peer-to-leader interactions in the workplace gives you better learning outcomes. 
SumTotal Social allows your learners to build communities, post blogs, initiate and respond to discussions, share files and integrate standard styles into workflows. These options enable learners to reach their targeted learning content faster and interact with peers and managers. 

Integration with Messaging Apps for Social Learning 

Messaging apps now have over 5 billion monthly users worldwide. SumTotal now is planning integrations with Microsoft Teams and Slack to build on the existing integration with Yammer. 
Making learning available on your enterprise collaboration platforms not only brings learning into the flow of your work but also keeps your learners engaged, efficiently sustaining the learning momentum.

Social Tools for Continuous Learning 

Social learning is continuous, unlike the formal method that happens within a set time frame.   
When you socialize your enterprise learning, it puts your learners in a collaborative setting that speeds up learning and gives your business a competitive advantage through learning agility. 
Chasma Lexy : Virtual assistant for Sumtotal LMS

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Friday, October 5, 2018

Social Learning for enterprises


The thought of social learning has ended up truly famous, yet its significance is exceptionally expansive. It has been utilized to allude to the procedures of learning and changes in people and social frameworks. Global organizations are either presently utilizing or wanting to utilize social learning eventually. The effect of social networking on our lives has been spectacular. Be it socio-political clashes in nations, online fights to make mindfulness around an illness episode, raising stores for cataclysm struck individuals or figuring out how to do with consistency- the social networking is currently assuming a vital part in our lives. Social aptitudes are about imparting space to others and having the capacity to coexist with individuals in a mixture of settings. A singular's social achievement is based upon the nature of his or her social associations. Keeping in mind the end goal to have positive social communications, an individual needs to be socially equipped and have solid social learning abilities.
Our beginning supposition is that the predominant quality of humankind is obtaining, preparing and production of data. We utilize social methodologies that permit us to oversee data better. An excess of  individuals examining  Social Learning see the social measurement as its last objective. We see it rather in the quest for importance and a way whose main role is to utilize social ways to help us in individual development and survival.
What It Means?
Social learning is portrayed as "discovering that happens outside a formal structure or classroom and is truly the way individuals have constantly gained from one another. Social learning focuses on data imparting, cooperation and co-creation."
While the act of social learning has been around for a long time, we require a superior meaning of it throughout today's work environment. The majority of us have a dream for what formal classroom preparing looks like, so here's one approach to view the fundamental distinction between informal learning and social learning:
Informal learning is a term used to portray anything not adapted in a formal program or class. It can occur inside gatherings or alone utilizing exercises, for example, perusing or pursuit.
Social learning is acquiring skills from others. It happens at meetings, bistros or online — with or without social networking apparatuses.
Online networking
Learning associations are quickly getting to be more acquainted with online networking. They are getting to be more inquisitive and mindful of the possibility to intensify learning and information imparting. They are additionally beginning to comprehend contrasts between the numerous devices and are beginning to understand that the best arrangements will be content-driven, not innovation driven
The Content Management System
This arrangements with substance administration and its conveyance/presentation in an as easy to understand route as could be allowed, with engaging illustrations and meeting the fantastic client experience standards: it is not remarkable to discover organization preparing administration stages and learning courses furnished with interfaces which are not in accordance with these contemplations: client disagreeable and muddled situations with a terrible client experience are lamentably very basic. It's better not to belittle the way substance are conveyed, on the grounds that learning must be compelling in a domain furnished with great cognitive affordance.
Self Learning: organizations' archives flourish with substance that can improve and incorporate preparing ways. At the point when arranging new learning stages, it is important to expect the coordination of more sources – both inside and outer – in an organization toward oneself way.
How social learning has any kind of effect ?
The primary advantage of supporting a social learning environment in the working environment is that it empowers workers to assume liability for their own particular individual learning. Commonly, representative preparing happens through formal, educator drove channels amid recommended preparing occasions. Ordinarily, workers must interfere with their normal obligations so as to go to preparing sessions in a physical area outside of the workplace — frequently bringing about extra expenses for travel and cabin.
Encourages development
Social learning goes about as an impetus to advancement. It encourages a consistent stream of thoughts and best practices. This helps an association to learn and adjust better approaches to upgrade execution.
Helps individuals realize what they have to realize
A noteworthy motivation behind why social learning is extremely powerful is that it conveys what the learners need to know. It helps them realize what they have to realize and graph their own particular course of learning. Staying with the above illustration, the structural designer utilizing LinkedIn can put inquiries to his associates about particular parts of the development innovation on which he needs more data.
Gives anxiety free learning
It is remarkable that push is the greatest foe of viable learning. Social learning permits learners to secure data in a casual and anxiety free environment. Dissimilar to formal realizing, where you need to experience the rigors of going to extensive sessions and wrack your nerves to answer addresses in appraisals, social learning can be utilized to get the required data by reaching your associates over expert systems administration destinations.
At long last, social learning upgrades corporate culture and encourages working environment coordinated effort. People are regularly social creatures who need to feel some piece of a gathering. Learners that have the capacity to help and be backed by different learners are more inclined to feel that they're a piece of something greater .
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