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Your perfect PPC ad

Secrets behind your perfect PPC ad text

Launching a new Google AdWords search campaign is an exhilarating process. Excitement, anxiety, fear, and hope are emotions that come to mind when a person is going to click the ‘Enable’ button on a new campaign. Undoubtedly, you will be learning from your personal experience when your first campaign starts, however, is willing to help you by providing few useful tips – how to prepare successful ad text for your Google Adwords campaign!


Most important messaging is in headlines

Even though new 80-character description is by far the largest field in the new expanded text ads, they still command the least attention. The messaging of the two headlines of your expanded text ad are the most impactful in improving the CTR of your ads. Therefore, you need to invest sufficient effort and time to develop headlines winning the heart of your potential clients. Developing the right headlines and description requires conducting a research of keywords that are of the highest demand among your targeted audience.

Make an in-depth research

The first ingredient of the successful text ad is customer demand. If your customers are not searching for your product or service in Google, then obviously, paid AdWords search advertising is not going to work for you. So, before you get too excited about creating your very first campaign, you need to verify there is in fact search volume (appears in Google Adwords top searches) for what you’re going to offer to your targeted audience.

The tool that is essential to use is the Google AdWords Keyword Suggestion Tool. The keyword tool acts much like a thesaurus. You enter in phrases you think your prospects are searching, and Google tells you other similar, relevant phrases. Google also will tell you how often people search these phrases, how competitive the keywords are in Google AdWords, and how much it’ll cost to advertise on each keyword. All of this information will help you determine which keywords you want to use in your first campaign. Before you start using the tool, make sure the Advanced Options are set. If you’re in Malaysia, then set the Location to Malaysia and set the Language to English/Malay. The Device should default to desktops and laptops, which is what you want unless you’re targeting only mobile devices.

Keep ad copy simple

When starting with AdWords ad copy, keep it simple and direct, making it easier to go down initially—especially for bottom of the funnel queries where someone already has urgency and is expressing strong purchasing intent. The more complicated the content of your ad is, the more difficult it is to reach your targeted audience. You need to have a good knowledge of who your customers are, what they prefer and how their attention can be attracted.

Include call to action

Many advertisers forget to include a call to action in their digital marketing ad campaigns. Having a good call to action can increase your CTR and also increase your campaigns effectiveness. A user needs to know where he will be redirected, if he clicks on the advertisement link. He is already in a page full of related links that he was searching for and you are just one of them. So if you are going to take him away from this great page, you will have to make sure that he knows what he will get from your page. For instance, if a searcher is thinking of getting auto insurance, he needs to go to a destination where he can straight away get what he needs, an insurance quote. He doesn’t want to end up on a website, where they will give him insurance tips, articles etc. Below are some live examples of call to actions that some advertisers are using:

The first example on the left is an ad for auto Insurance. The call to action is very loud and clear – If you click on the ad, you will get a rate/quote in less than 8 minutes! It sounds convincing right? Now let’s look at the ad on the right, its call to action is to Book online for huge savings. Thus a searcher already has an idea (+expectation) from that website even before clicking on them.

Use numbers in your headline


  You’ll see numbers a lot in successful pay-per-click Google AdWords ads. They make the ads stand out visually by breaking up blocks of words/letters. They also add some specificity to the ads, in this case the $49 price, the 100% money back guarantee and the fact that the logos are 100% custom made. This lets people know exactly what they’re getting and, especially when you include a price, can reduce clicks from those who aren’t a good fit for your business.

Localize your ad text


 According to Dr. Nitish Singh, Associate Professor of International Business at Saint Louis University, to successfully compete in today’s global economy organizations must adapt—or localize—website and digital media content to clearly resonate with  their international audiences. “From a broad marketing perspective,” says Singh, “localization basically means adapting market offerings to best meet end-user expectations.” Expectations may vary by region and industry but they can typically be broken down into two categories: cultural and functional. Some examples of cultural content include:
  • Colors, shapes, sizes, styles
  • Images, icons, graphics
  • Societal codes; i.e. humor, etiquette, rituals, myths, symbols
  • Societal values, power, relationships, beliefs
Some examples of functional content include:
  • Date and time formats, telephone numbers, contact information
  • Weights, measurements, geographical references
  • Language and linguistic content; product descriptions, reviews

Use relevant extensions

Here we will focus on one of the mostly-used ad extensions offered by Google Adwords ads manager, known as call extensions. Below you can see Desktop view and Mobile view of the MicrosoftStore ad with call


  There are a number of reasons to use call extensions as you attempt to drive more calls for your business.
  • The ease of the ‘click to call’ button saves the searcher time and effort while helping businesses attract potential
  • You can count calls as conversions within Google AdWords and see call reporting data when using a Google forwarding
  • They make the ad stand out among others in the search engine results. Call extensions can increase clickthrough rates by 6-8%.
  • They don’t cost any extra money–clicks from call extensions are billed on the same cost-per-click model as traditional ad
Few useful tips for using call extensions: If you are a local business, using both call extensions and location extensions is highly recommended. When you use both, Google will display the address from the location extension and phone number from the call extension together. Also, don’t forget to monitor performance! If using the Google forwarding number, track the performance of the call conversions and analyze the data to improve your campaigns. In the end, call extensions are a great way to boost performance. They are simple to implement and are a great way to better understand the behavior of your potential leads. If driving calls is an important goal for your business, setting up call extensions is a simple way to add value.


When launching your first PPC Google Adwords campaign, devote sufficient time and effort to develop an ad text that will serve as a magnet for your targeted audience. Ensure that your key messaging lies within your headlines, keeping it simple but attractive at the same time. Besides, it is important to localize your ad content to different locations if you are targeting different regions. Call to action is a helpful tool to motivate users to click on your ad. Another useful feature provided by Google Adwords is the various types of extensions, where call extensions and location extensions are the most favourite among digital marketers and SEM (search engine marketing) specialists. Are you planning to advertise your business online? Call for assistance. Let us show you how Google Adwords can help your business! Our search engine opitimization (seo), search engine marketing (sem) and social media marketing (smm) services will help you to be on the first page of Google Search and social media network newsfeed! We are looking forward to meet you!

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