Tuesday, October 9, 2018


Maximizing Your Email Marketing Potential

Most companies have some sort of email system set up. Maybe it’s a welcome email to people who have newly signed up with you, or a weekly email to tell your consumer database about your latest promotion. But are you doing enough to maximize on the full benefits of email marketing? Research has repeatedly shown that email marketing has among the highest ROIs of all the digital marketing channels. All you have to do is make sure you’re staying updated with the latest developments in the world of email marketing. Email marketing involves collecting email addresses from those who have purchased your digital products or who have expressed interest in your business. After that, you need to segment those email addresses based on each individual consumer's position in the sales funnel.  
  Email is almost 42 times more effective than Facebook and Twitter combined in helping businesses acquire new customers (McKinsey). As explained by Ciked, unlike many other marketing opportunities, email marketing can provide businesses with various ways to target specific customers. To do this, make sure that your email marketing software allows for lead scoring. This will allow you to define various milestones or actions that a user exhibits through interactions within emails or your website. Once a user has met the criteria you have defined, then you can follow up with them with targeted messaging to further drive them down the funnel.

History of Email Marketing

Email celebrates its 46th birthday this year, let’s explore a bit more about it. According to Autopilothq.com, in 1971, the first email was sent through a network set up by the Department of Defense called ARPANET. The network was basically the foundation of the internet as we know it, and this first email send was one small step for inboxes, and one giant leap for email kind. ;) There’s a large gap in the history after that, since the internet was being built and email was primarily being used for inter-organizational communication. Fast forward to the 1990s. The internet started to catch on with the general public and AOL, Yahoo!, and Hotmail were introduced to the world. “You’ve got mail” became a thing, and digital marketers started to pay attention.

Few Interesting Facts and Tips to remember…

It has been proven by studies that emails with a personalized subject line are opened 27% more than emails with generic subjects. Simply putting the name of the recipient in the subject increases the open rate by nearly 16%. You can easily do this if you use an email service like MailChimp.  This personalized approach to emails improves the click-through-rate (CTR) by 14% and your conversions by 10%. Also, Wordstream reports: Email is the third most influential source of information for B2B audiences, behind only colleague recommendations and industry-specific thought leaders. 86% of business professionals prefer to use email when communicating for business purposes. CTRs are 47% higher for B2B email campaigns than B2C email campaigns. 59% of B2B marketers say email is their most effective channel in terms of revenue generation. 56 percent of brands using emoji in their email subject lines had a higher open rate, according to a report by Experian. Tuesday is the best day of the week to send email (according to 10 email marketing studies). As stated by Arcalea, email marketing is extremely effective in generating customer interest. When implemented correctly, a newsletter is cost-effective, fast, and simple way to keep customers informed on (and excited about) new product launches or new promotions.  
  Email marketing has greater chances of being noticed, compared to the social media updates where they can miss out announcements and just scroll up their news feeds. With a few clicks, emails can be sent to the thousands of users. Those users are free to read at their own convenience- whether online or offline.

Make Sure Your Email System Has a Mind of Its Own

Automation, segmentation, and personalization are all current buzzwords in email marketing. As digital technology advances, email systems are programmed to predict consumer behavior based on actions they have taken or where they are on their consumer journey. They can then use that data to make sure that the right emails are sent to the right people, at the right times. Setting up these email systems does take time and effort, but mostly in the beginning as you teach your email system what you would like it to do. After that, you should theoretically be able to sit back as it does the work for you: automatically adding and moving your consumers into different segments based on their actions, and sending them emails that are personalized to their needs at any given time. This helps to build relationships with your consumers and keeps an open channel of communication going without a lot of manual effort on your part.

Make Your Emails Interactive

It used to be impossible to add elements other than text to emails without making them chunky in size and slow to load. However, that’s not true today. Images, GIFs, even videos, are all currently easily compressed and embedded into emails without compromising the user-friendliness of the email itself. Use this to your advantage and incorporate design elements, images, and movement to capture your readers’ attention and highlight the most important aspects of the email. Make sure to include clear call-to-action buttons to encourage further action after the email is opened.  
  It is also important to make sure that all your emails and visuals are mobile optimized, given how heavy mobile use is in the community today. The effort you put into copy and design would be wasted unless your consumers find it easy to access and use.

Make Your Emails Worth Opening

Ensuring you are sending quality emails that are giving people value – whether it be in the form of information, offers, or entertainment – is crucial to a long-term email marketing strategy. The more people are convinced that they are benefiting from opening your emails, the more likely they are to continue to open them, and to encourage their social circles to sign up and open your emails too. Be sure to study consumer data and take note of the types of emails that do the best for your business. Think also how best to tailor your email to what the consumer needs at any given point in their journey (e.g. a new buyer could benefit from an email giving suggestions about using your product, while a lapsed buyer might benefit from a discount coupon enticing them to return to make a purchase). You can then automate these emails using your email system. And lastly, don’t discount the value of a good subject line that is catchy but to-the-point! Use more interactive elements such as emoticons and language that is easy to understand at a glance.


Email is a big part of our lives as professionals and individuals, and, even consumers. Think about this, how many people do you know without an email address? Millions and millions. According to Radicati Group, more than 3.7 billion people worldwide use email. That’s almost 54% of the world’s population! Data from Pew Research also shows that 92% of adults use email, and 61% of these email users are checking and sending emails on an average day. Would you want Blueninja.io help you with Digital Marketing? Give us a call anytime! The highly-qualified team of Blueninja.io provides an unforgettable experience for businesses and their clients through innovative digital solutions. Website design & Mobile Development, Web Application Development services, E-commerce web systems, SEO, Google Adwords and Social Media Marketing (SMM) are just a small part of a wide service portfolio, opening doors to enormous opportunities for your business success. Stay connected with Blueninja.io and be the first who will read our next article!


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